​​To comprehend how Fraudulent Banks are stealing homes from Home Owners,  then please watch this Movie Trailer:

The Courts are starting to realize the Fraud the Banks have used to Foreclose on Homeowners.

Wells Fargo loses in court and the home owner was awarded their Home Free and Clear plus $2,959,123.00 in financial damages.

We have prepared an easy to understand Guide on How to Stop Foreclosure.  

Every week in the news more and more is coming out about the mortgage fraud that the banks have been committing.  The fines the banks are paying for their Fraud are in the Billions of dollars.  Knowing what is the latest in this quickly changing field is critical in saving your home. 

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Are you in Foreclosure and not sure what to do? You are not alone. There are currently 819,312 properties in U.S. that are in  foreclosure per RealtyTrac.  

Have you called your Mortgage holder and they won’t help you.   This is normal.  They make far more money if they foreclose than if they don’t.  This is due to Government guarantees. 

Have you called your mortgage holder and they gave you a temporary loan mod for 3 months and at the end they say they won’t give you a permanent loan modification? Their reason is you were late on a payment or you did not send in all needed documents?  BUT you DID pay on time and you DID send in everything they asked for. Each time they do a temp loan mod our government pays them $1,500.00 and your payments are never applied to your loan. We know many homeowners who have gone thru the 3 month temp loan mod process over 15 times.

The Banks have already been fined $96,000,000,000.00 (96 Billion Dollars) by our Federal Government due to their mortgage fraud.  These fines keep on increasing every month. 

We have helped save more homes from foreclosure than any other firm we are aware of in the USA.

​Do You Have Legal Standing to Sue Your Lender for Special Damages & Equitable Relief for Clear & Marketable Title to Your Home?

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